Margarita Officials Association (MOA)

The Margarita Officials Association (MOA), is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide expertly trained and certified fast pitch and slow pitch officials (umpire and scorekeeping) within Southern California, specifically, the regions of North San Diego County and Southern Riverside County. "The MOA recruits and trains softball umpires qualified to umpire ASA, NCAA, NFHS, NAFA, Triple Crown, PGF and other nationally recognized associations of softball, as well as all levels of recreational softball (both fast pitch and slow pitch, both youth and adult)" MOA is proud of its member umpires, some of whom have been selected to work at National and International levels of play.

Training Meeting Slow Pitch and High School Umpires

April 17, 2018, 6:30pm Cathedral Catholic High School.

2018 Membership Dues

Membership dues will be $100 for ALL members...Dues are to be paid not later than 1 February 2018
Note: The MOA is currently going through a website upgrade, and as such, on-line renewal payments are not available at this time; so please send your renewal form and payment to:
MOA, Post Office Box 504286, San Diego, Ca. 92150-4286.

Arbiter Pay

Members are reminded that Arbiter Pay will take effect 1 February 2018, which means that all games assignments will be paid by Arbiter Pay; all members are expected to have an active Arbiter account by that date; if you experience any problems setting up your account, please contact Carl Goff at ""

2017 Fast Pitch Uniform Requirments

REMINDER- The Navy Blue MOA shirt is the primary shirt for Varsity-level games; for all other contests, either the Navy Blue or Powder Blue shirt may be worn, as long as both umpires wear the same shirt.

CIF play of the week

With no outs, R1 on third base and R2 on second base, B3 hits a pop-up that lands untouched between home plate and the pitcher’s plate. The ball has backspin and is rolling back toward home plate. As R1slides into home, the ball rolls into her and F2 has to step over her to retrieve the ball.
In (a), the ball touches R1 in fair territory prior to her touching home plate.
In (b), the ball touches R1 in fair territory after she has touched home plate.
In (c), the ball touches R1 in foul territory. What’s your call?

Rules Knowledge

Rule Knowledge

The MOA provides year-round Rules Knowledge training in both a classroom setting as well as round-table discussions of rule changes and interpretation.setting to ensure that our members have the rule knowledge necessary to excel on the field.



The MOA provides year-round Mechanics training in both a classroom setting as on the field training to ensure that our members have the rule knowledge necessary to excel on the field.



The MOA provides the mentorship program to help umpires present themselves professionally, including proper uniform standards and game management. Umpires get one chance to make a first impression – the MOA ensures our members have the tools necessary to make that good first impression a lasting one.


Integer The MOA senior members regularly provide post-game feedback to junior members in order to maximize their potential, and to prepare them for "the next level".


MOA has some of the top training in the United States! Umpires are trained to work high levels of both Fast Pitch & Slow Pitch Softball.
Fast Pitch Umpires can work CIF San Diego Section High Schools, Multiple Recreational Leagues and high level Travelball Tournaments.
Slow Pitch Umpires can work various Recreational Leagues and Tournaments.


ASA and CIF trained and certified. Have been subject to an ASA personal background check. Required to attend extensive annual softball rules and mechanics training and are qualified to umpire the Recreational level, High School level, Collegiate level and International level. Capable of umpiring one, two or three Umpire Systems.
We can provide umpires to meet your specific needs, within San Diego and Riverside County.